Original The Nike Jordan Shoes

Air Jordan is a sports brand that has no doubt about its popularity in the world. Not just a sports product, Air Jordan has also become a cultural product in this world. Even though the price is quite draining on the wallet, people are still hunting for Air Jordan shoes. Naturally, the price is quite high compared to the quality and history behind some Air Nike Jordan shoes.

Not only because the price is expensive, but some Air Jordan shoes are released in limited quantities in collaboration with world-renowned brands such as Dior, Off White, Supereme, and many more.

Currently, there are so many people selling Air Jordan Fake Stuff, even if there is a collaboration series or a limited series, there is a Fake Stuff as well. How do you not be fooled by Air Jordan Fake Stuff? Here, we have prepared how to differentiate between Air Jordan Original and Fake Stuff.

Packed in a Special Box or Box

Air Jordan Original shoes have a sticker or label on the box that contains complete information such as the appropriate color and serial number. As for the Air Jordan Fake Stuff, they are sold with different detailed information from the shoes, and there are some who sell Air Jordan Fake Stuff without the box or the box looks weird/damaged.

Original Air Jordan Shoes Have SKU

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) or a series of numbers and letters that represent the brand, type, color, and size of each product. Make sure the Air Jordan Original shoes you buy have the same code or SKU number on the box and shoes. If you find the slightest difference, or until there are no SKUs at all, it indicates the Air Jordan shoes that the brosist bought are Fake Stuff.

Custom Logo

Make sure the Jumpman logo is on the lid and side of the shoe box, while the Jumpman logo on the shoe can be seen on the back of the shoe or there is also something attached to the tongue. The Jumpman logo itself is the hallmark of Air Jordan, so make sure the Jumpman logo on the Air Jordan that you buy is appropriate and doesn’t look weird.

Premium Shoe Material

Air Jordan Original shoes usually have premium shoe materials and the soles are made of quality rubber. Air Jordan Original shoes will usually smell like rubber, and Air Jordan Fake Stuff shoes will usually smell like glue and are hard like plastic. In addition, the brosist can visually see the striking difference between Air Jordan Original and Fake Stuff materials, usually original shoes will look brighter and fresher than Fake Stuff shoes in general.

Unreasonable Price

Be wary of Air Jordan shoes that have unreasonable prices. Usually Air Jordan Fake Stuff shoes are sold at a price range of under $100 for the basic ones, and above $100 for the collaboration series. The price is really unreasonable when compared to the price of Air Jordan Original shoes which usually start from $150 and up to hundreds of millions for collaboration series.

So that you don’t get scammed when you buy Air Jordan shoes, don’t forget to pay attention to the things above.