How to Start a Sneakers Business for Beginners

Shoes are one of the fashions that are very popular with various groups, especially now that sneakers are really hits. In fact, there are many brands that sell sneakers up to tens of millions of rupiah and are highly sought after by sneakers fans around the world. So that you can say shoes are one of the fashion products that have their own fans, they can even be used as collectibles for collectors of sneakers.

As a result of so many fans of sneakers, shoe sales are never empty in the market. Even now online sneakers are very widespread on Instagram and the marketplace. You have to take advantage of this situation to sell shoes and enliven the market, because it takes a lot of shoe sellers to meet the needs of shoe enthusiasts. But you have to sell original shoe products, because original products always have the best quality and are not pirated products. Now, if you are a beginner in business, you should see the tips for starting a sneaker business below, because the results can be very promising!

How to Start a Sneakers Business

1. Looking for Distributors

First, you have to find a distributor to supply the shoes you are going to sell. So you have to look for a trusted distributor so you don’t worry when working with them. Look for original shoe distributors on the internet, because there are lots of distributors who offer their products there. Talk to your distributor if you are a shoe seller, so you can get lower prices if you buy shoes in bulk. First, make sure the distributor you choose sells original shoe products and not fake shoes.

2. Determine How Much Profit You Take

You have to determine how much profit you will take, so that it can be your target in selling shoes. In addition, you can also find out the net profit obtained from your business, so that you can enjoy these profits from the results of doing business. But don’t take too much to take your advantage, as a businessman you must prioritize the development of your business. So you have to take advantage of your profits to develop your business further.

3. Selection of the type and brand of shoes that you will sell

There are many types of shoes from various brands that many people are looking for. There are types of casual shoes that are suitable for walking to the mall or sports shoes that are very comfortable to wear. Well, there are some recommendations for famous shoe brands that people really like, because the brands are well known and the models are very cool. So, here are the brands.


Who doesn’t know this brand? Adidas has been offering shoes that are trendy and really cool for a long time. Adidas also provides many types of shoes, from casual shoes to sports shoes. Even now it’s trendy to wear running shoes to just go to the mall, so this type of sports shoes from Adidas is definitely very sought after because it is a fashion trend right now.

Just like Adidas, Nike also provides cool casual shoes and sports shoes, so Nike is a tough opponent to Adidas. If you intend to sell Adidas brand shoes, don’t forget to also sell Nike brand shoes. Nike is a brand that has always been an alternative to Adidas, and vice versa, so don’t forget these two shoe brands for sale.


When you hear the Vans brand, you immediately think of the cool skateboarders and members of foreign bands. Yes indeed, at first Vans offered shoes for skateboarding, but because of its cool model it made it a shoe that was also suitable for traveling. Vans are also very popular with people of all ages, from young people to adults, they are still very suitable for wearing Vans shoes.


These shoes, which have been hits since the 90s, haven’t even lost their fame until now, there are still a lot of people who like Converse shoes of all ages. The “calm” model makes Converse liked by many people and is also suitable for use by women. So, don’t let you not sell these Converse shoes, because Converse shoes always have their own fans who are always loyal to wait for the latest models.


Famous for its cool sports shoes, Reebok is also an alternative to Adidas and Nike. However, there is something that makes Reebok always in demand, namely the price is quite affordable and certainly cheaper than Nike and Adidas. It’s really suitable if you sell Reebok shoes, because the price is quite low which can attract people to buy these shoes.


Maybe some of you haven’t heard of the Compass brand, one of these local shoe brands is no less trendy than the shoe brands above. Even Compass shoes can be sold out in a matter of hours, because so many people are interested in these shoes. Offering casual shoes that really match the outfit you’re wearing, making Compass shoes always sought after by people. Don’t forget to consider selling these Compass shoes, because you will get big profits and at the same time support local products.


Promote the products you sell, so people can find out what products you offer. You can take advantage of the ads feature on social media, because the features are quite effective and not difficult to use. Then you can offer a discount for those who buy more than two pairs, or a discount for the first few buyers after you open a business.

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