How to Start a Sneakers Business for Beginners

Shoes are one of the fashions that are very popular with various groups, especially now that sneakers are really hits. In fact, there are many brands that sell sneakers up to tens of millions of rupiah and are highly sought after by sneakers fans around the world. So that you can say shoes are one of the fashion products that have their own fans, they can even be used as collectibles for collectors of sneakers.

As a result of so many fans of sneakers, shoe sales are never empty in the market. Even now online sneakers are very widespread on Instagram and the marketplace. You have to take advantage of this situation to sell shoes and enliven the market, because it takes a lot of shoe sellers to meet the needs of shoe enthusiasts. But you have to sell original shoe products, because original products always have the best quality and are not pirated products. Now, if you are a beginner in business, you should see the tips for starting a sneaker business below, because the results can be very promising!

How to Start a Sneakers Business

1. Looking for Distributors

First, you have to find a distributor to supply the shoes you are going to sell. So you have to look for a trusted distributor so you don’t worry when working with them. Look for original shoe distributors on the internet, because there are lots of distributors who offer their products there. Talk to your distributor if you are a shoe seller, so you can get lower prices if you buy shoes in bulk. First, make sure the distributor you choose sells original shoe products and not fake shoes.

2. Determine How Much Profit You Take

You have to determine how much profit you will take, so that it can be your target in selling shoes. In addition, you can also find out the net profit obtained from your business, so that you can enjoy these profits from the results of doing business. But don’t take too much to take your advantage, as a businessman you must prioritize the development of your business. So you have to take advantage of your profits to develop your business further.

3. Selection of the type and brand of shoes that you will sell

There are many types of shoes from various brands that many people are looking for. There are types of casual shoes that are suitable for walking to the mall or sports shoes that are very comfortable to wear. Well, there are some recommendations for famous shoe brands that people really like, because the brands are well known and the models are very cool. So, here are the brands.


Who doesn’t know this brand? Adidas has been offering shoes that are trendy and really cool for a long time. Adidas also provides many types of shoes, from casual shoes to sports shoes. Even now it’s trendy to wear running shoes to just go to the mall, so this type of sports shoes from Adidas is definitely very sought after because it is a fashion trend right now.

Just like Adidas, Nike also provides cool casual shoes and sports shoes, so Nike is a tough opponent to Adidas. If you intend to sell Adidas brand shoes, don’t forget to also sell Nike brand shoes. Nike is a brand that has always been an alternative to Adidas, and vice versa, so don’t forget these two shoe brands for sale.


When you hear the Vans brand, you immediately think of the cool skateboarders and members of foreign bands. Yes indeed, at first Vans offered shoes for skateboarding, but because of its cool model it made it a shoe that was also suitable for traveling. Vans are also very popular with people of all ages, from young people to adults, they are still very suitable for wearing Vans shoes.


These shoes, which have been hits since the 90s, haven’t even lost their fame until now, there are still a lot of people who like Converse shoes of all ages. The “calm” model makes Converse liked by many people and is also suitable for use by women. So, don’t let you not sell these Converse shoes, because Converse shoes always have their own fans who are always loyal to wait for the latest models.


Famous for its cool sports shoes, Reebok is also an alternative to Adidas and Nike. However, there is something that makes Reebok always in demand, namely the price is quite affordable and certainly cheaper than Nike and Adidas. It’s really suitable if you sell Reebok shoes, because the price is quite low which can attract people to buy these shoes.


Maybe some of you haven’t heard of the Compass brand, one of these local shoe brands is no less trendy than the shoe brands above. Even Compass shoes can be sold out in a matter of hours, because so many people are interested in these shoes. Offering casual shoes that really match the outfit you’re wearing, making Compass shoes always sought after by people. Don’t forget to consider selling these Compass shoes, because you will get big profits and at the same time support local products.


Promote the products you sell, so people can find out what products you offer. You can take advantage of the ads feature on social media, because the features are quite effective and not difficult to use. Then you can offer a discount for those who buy more than two pairs, or a discount for the first few buyers after you open a business.

Original The Nike Jordan Shoes

Air Jordan is a sports brand that has no doubt about its popularity in the world. Not just a sports product, Air Jordan has also become a cultural product in this world. Even though the price is quite draining on the wallet, people are still hunting for Air Jordan shoes. Naturally, the price is quite high compared to the quality and history behind some Air Nike Jordan shoes.

Not only because the price is expensive, but some Air Jordan shoes are released in limited quantities in collaboration with world-renowned brands such as Dior, Off White, Supereme, and many more.

Currently, there are so many people selling Air Jordan Fake Stuff, even if there is a collaboration series or a limited series, there is a Fake Stuff as well. How do you not be fooled by Air Jordan Fake Stuff? Here, we have prepared how to differentiate between Air Jordan Original and Fake Stuff.

Packed in a Special Box or Box

Air Jordan Original shoes have a sticker or label on the box that contains complete information such as the appropriate color and serial number. As for the Air Jordan Fake Stuff, they are sold with different detailed information from the shoes, and there are some who sell Air Jordan Fake Stuff without the box or the box looks weird/damaged.

Original Air Jordan Shoes Have SKU

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) or a series of numbers and letters that represent the brand, type, color, and size of each product. Make sure the Air Jordan Original shoes you buy have the same code or SKU number on the box and shoes. If you find the slightest difference, or until there are no SKUs at all, it indicates the Air Jordan shoes that the brosist bought are Fake Stuff.

Custom Logo

Make sure the Jumpman logo is on the lid and side of the shoe box, while the Jumpman logo on the shoe can be seen on the back of the shoe or there is also something attached to the tongue. The Jumpman logo itself is the hallmark of Air Jordan, so make sure the Jumpman logo on the Air Jordan that you buy is appropriate and doesn’t look weird.

Premium Shoe Material

Air Jordan Original shoes usually have premium shoe materials and the soles are made of quality rubber. Air Jordan Original shoes will usually smell like rubber, and Air Jordan Fake Stuff shoes will usually smell like glue and are hard like plastic. In addition, the brosist can visually see the striking difference between Air Jordan Original and Fake Stuff materials, usually original shoes will look brighter and fresher than Fake Stuff shoes in general.

Unreasonable Price

Be wary of Air Jordan shoes that have unreasonable prices. Usually Air Jordan Fake Stuff shoes are sold at a price range of under $100 for the basic ones, and above $100 for the collaboration series. The price is really unreasonable when compared to the price of Air Jordan Original shoes which usually start from $150 and up to hundreds of millions for collaboration series.

So that you don’t get scammed when you buy Air Jordan shoes, don’t forget to pay attention to the things above.

Here Are Nike’s Basketball Shoes Recommendations For Kids

Basketball shoes are one of the important things that need to be considered before playing basketball. Usually, basketball shoes are selected based on the performance, design, and advantages possessed by various basketball shoe manufacturers. The selection of the right basketball shoes will greatly affect the performance and playing of basketball on the field.

This time, we will recommend basketball shoes for children from well-known manufacturers such as Nike, and Air Jordan. Are you curious about what children’s basketball shoes are included in our recommendations? Let’s check this out!

Nike Team Hustle D 10 Gs

These Nike Team Hustle D 10 Gs basketball shoes are made with breathable fabric and mesh, and leather around the heel to provide stability and support as your little one runs, cuts, and jumps on the court.

It also features soft foam under the foot and around the heel to provide lightweight cushioning technology. As for the support itself, the shoe features secure lacing, a durable and supportive design, and optimized traction on the outsole.

Air Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 Gs

This Air Jordan and Russell Westbrook collaboration basketball shoe turns out to have a special Grade Shcool series as well. These Air Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 Gs basketball shoes feature an outsole that is divided into sections to reduce weight by using less rubber under the foot.

His full-court Attack Zoom Air Cushioning helps restore energy with every step. Locked-in lacing in the laces is combined with webbing strips on the heel and forefoot to help secure the lock on the wearer’s foot.

Nike Kyrie Flytrap 4 Gs

The Grade School series from Kyrie Irving’s Signature Shoes is not much different from the series for adults. These Nike Kyrie Flytrap 4 Gs basketball shoes are equipped with the technology used in this 4th series, including the Rectangular Zoom Air Unit as cushioning, and the outsole is made of durable rubber so it is durable for both indoor and outdoor arenas.

Nike Lebron 17 Gs Constellations

The Nike Lebron 17 Gs Constellations basketball shoe is the Grade School series of the 17th LeBron James basketball shoe line. This kids basketball shoe features a full Knitposite upper built against a hidden backdrop combined with gray/blue knit on the crib the toes, and the ocean marble swirls towards the mid/heel. Below, the midsoles gradient is speckled from pastel green to black, and ends with a complementary icy blue tread.

Nike Lebron 18 Gs

Next, there are the Nike Lebron 18 Gs basketball shoes which are the next in the King James line of basketball shoes. These Nike Lebron 18 Gs basketball shoes are made especially for players with large builds or bigmen who require the highest level of cushioning technology, and players who are less involved in rapid directional changes and lateral movements.

Nike Team Hustle Quick 2 Gs

These Nike Team Hustle Quick 2 Gs basketball shoes are suitable for children with fast-paced types of play. These shoes have the support and comfort you need with a durable leather upper and padding around the ankle. And the versatile Soft Foam Cushions technology that helps the user move both on and off the court.

So, those are some recommendations for basketball shoes for children, the NCR Sport version, bro. Which basketball shoes are right for your child?

How to Choose Original Air Jordan Shoes

Air Jordan’s popularity deserves a global thumbs up. Not to mention the price that drains the wallet, people are still hunting for the Air Jordan. Naturally, this is comparable to the quality we get, not to mention the history behind some Air Jordan shoes.

Not only because the price is expensive, but there are several Air Jordans released in limited quantities so that Air Jordans appear with the quality of Perfect Kicks (PK), Unauthorized Authentic (UA), PK God, Perfect Pairs, and other designations to distinguish the quality from imitation products. . Most counterfeit Air Jordan products are manufactured in Asia, especially in China.

Come on, let’s discuss some of the distinctive qualities and details of Air Jordan that need to be checked to find out whether your Air Jordan is a genuine product or a fake:

1. Make sure the product is packed in the right box

On the original Air Jordan, the sticker or label on the box will contain complete information such as the color pattern and the corresponding serial number. Meanwhile, counterfeit products are sold with detailed information that does not match the shoes, but be careful if the shoes are not packaged in a box at all or the box looks weird.

2. Check the sticker on the outside of the box

All Air Jordan boxes are equipped with an official factory sticker on one side. The text on the sticker must match and every word is displayed in the correct spacing and spelling, also check the accuracy of the product name, size, color combination and country of manufacture.

3. Confirm the nine-digit serial number

All Air Jordan products are equipped with a serial number listed on the sticker on the box, usually this serial number has 9 digits, you can check it on the Nike website. Make sure the serial number listed on the box matches the serial number displayed on the website, the serial number is displayed just below the country of origin of the product.

4. Jumpman Logo

The Jumpman logo is found on the lid and side of the box while the Jumpman logo on the shoes is on the back of the shoe (or sometimes on the tongue), the Jumpman logo is the hallmark of Air Jordan, so make sure the Jumpman logo doesn’t look weird or looks tilted on one side especially on the hands, basketball, feet of the character. The color of the jumpman logo on the logo also doesn’t look faded, usually fake products have an unbalanced logo with rough edges and poor stitching.

5. Eyelets on shoelaces

The shoelaces on fake Air Jordans usually look bigger than the holes on the top and the distance of the bottom eyelets is further than the distance between the bottom and the top of the second shoelace, while the original Air Jordans have the same size and eyelet spacing. from bottom to top.

6. Make sure the shoe seller marks it with “100% Authentic”

Do not buy Air Jordan products with the description “custom”, “sample” or “variant” because these statements indicate that Nike does not sell them officially or other information such as “UA”, “PK God”, “KW Super” and other designations. means the shoes are fake.

7. Be wary of Air Jordans selling for under $100

Many Air Jordan shoes are released in limited editions, this is also what makes Air Jordans sell quickly because of the craze of interest among sneakerheads. This means that there is no reason for the seller to put a price below the recommended retail price, if there is an Air Jordan that is sold for under $100, it is very certain that the shoe is a fake because it will likely be difficult for you to find a genuine Air Jordan that is sold for under 1 million rupiah.