Wedding Gift Inspiration for Friends, Memorable and Useful

Marriage is an important moment and is eagerly awaited by everyone. Marriage is also considered a moment that holds a lot of sweet memories in life.

So, what is the best wedding gift for a friend?

When someone, whether a relative, friend, or co-worker gets married, of course, they also feel the happiness.

In modern Indonesian culture, giving gifts in the form of goods is considered more polite and respectful than giving a nominal amount of money as a substitute.

Generally, this expression of being happy is expressed in the form of a unique and useful wedding gift. Maybe also looking for a wedding gift for a friend.

Instead of being confused, let’s find out what are the inspiration for wedding gifts for friends that you can give to your beloved friends.

Affordable and Memorable Wedding Gifts for Friends

Actually there are so many choices of memorable and useful wedding gifts that can be given to relatives, friends, or coworkers.

However, for some people, finding inspiration for wedding gifts for friends is not an easy matter.

If one of them is confused about choosing a wedding gift for a friend, here are wedding gift recommendations for friends that you can consider.

1. Bags and Wallets

Bags are one of the attractive gift choices as wedding gifts for female friends. Because bags are easy to find and have many options from brands, colors, and models.

Maybe there will be many choices of bags that make it confusing to choose, but don’t forget you need to find a bag based on the function and needs of a friend. In addition, choose a bag with pretty good quality.

You don’t have to buy original bags that cost millions, you can buy local brands whose quality is not inferior to high-end bags like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and so on.

Gift bags can always be given not only to female friends but also male friends who are getting married as a gift for his wife.

Meanwhile, maybe the wallet is a mainstream gift. But if the wallet design is unique and exclusive, it is definitely very suitable to give as a wedding gift for a friend.

Don’t forget to choose a unique design and motif according to the tastes of the person who will be rewarded. If you want to be more memorable, you can also make your own with knitted materials or order custom bags and wallets.

2. Vouchers

Sometimes we are quite confused to guess what objects we like and what tastes suit our friends.

Because he was so confused, in the end, giving a wedding gift to a friend in the form of cash was also taken with the consideration that more money was needed for household accommodation.

But it turns out there is another way, to provide the same function but in a different way. Instead of giving money, Moms can give wedding gifts to friends in the form of vouchers according to their needs.

For example, shopping vouchers at supermarkets, shopping vouchers for electronic goods, vouchers to stay, to vouchers for romantic dinners at restaurants.

Of course, this will be a wedding gift for a friend he didn’t expect. In addition, the voucher will definitely be used at any time.

3. Perfume

A bottle of perfume aka perfume will be a wedding gift for an impressive friend, both for newlyweds, men and women.

Plus if you can match the smell of the perfume to their taste. In addition to perfume for the body, Moms can also provide a set of aromatherapy tools and a diffuser.

Not only serves as a room freshener, aromatherapy has many benefits for the body.

Aromatherapy works through the sense of smell by stimulating the hypothalamus in the brain to produce the hormone serotonin, a hormone that can improve mood.

Citing The International Journal of Childbirth Education, aromatherapy oils can treat various conditions such as morning sickness, stretch marks, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, fatigue, pain, anxiety, and depression.

In addition, a number of studies have shown positive benefits from aromatherapy such as making the body more relaxed, improving sleep quality, helping to reduce stress, and increasing the body’s immune system.

4. Home Appliances

If a friend turns out to have not prepared the contents of the house after marriage, household equipment will be very suitable to be given. Such as cooking utensils, stoves, eating utensils, cleaning utensils, to electronic items.

This wedding gift for a friend will be very effective if you plan to give a wedding gift collectively, for example on behalf of the agency or with friends in a circle of friends.

Because apart from being a joint venture, the items you get tend to be more and of course useful.

5. Paired Items

As we know, the early marriage period is certainly the most lovey-dove time for married couples. Not infrequently, couples want to wear matching things as an expression of their love and affection.

Moms can take advantage of this moment to give wedding gifts for friends, couple items as wedding gifts for friends. Choose objects that will be used daily, such as mugs, toothbrushes, house slippers, watches, and nightgowns.

It doesn’t have to be identical, you can play with variations such as colors to different patterns or motifs.

6. Custom Gifts

The next cheap wedding gift for friends that you can choose is to make a custom gift.

This will certainly be an unforgettable wedding gift for a friend. They can certainly see your effort and sincerity in giving gifts because they are made especially for them.

No need for expensive and luxurious objects, you can adjust it according to your budget and needs. For example, ordering towels with the names of male and female partners, notebooks with their photos or names, pillows with their names, and much more.

Don’t forget to insert a message in the greeting card to make it even more memorable.

8. Memories Album

Memories with friends before marriage is certainly a memorable moment for someone. They are the ones who accompany and witness the search for true love before anchoring to the aisle.

For this reason, giving an album with a memory lane concept can be a very memorable wedding gift for a friend.

You can collect old photos to turn into a scrap book. Adjust the order with dates or moments that occur from year to year. Including the first meeting with a partner.

17 Ways To Find Out How Much Traffic a Website or Blog Gets

As a website owner or manager, there are many things you should pay attention to, one of which is traffic. Already know how to check website traffic? If not, then we can find out how together here.

High and targeted traffic can make your website have more value and can increase business conversions. To get it, you can do various things including applying a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, placing advertisements, or using services to increase traffic for the website.

Can’t wait to know the right way to check the traffic your website is getting? Let’s look at this article so that you can immediately implement these methods which will certainly be very useful for your website.

Website Traffic at a Glance

You may often hear that traffic plays an important role for a website. To find out how important this is, you must first know the meaning, source, benefits, and how to check traffic.

Traffic or website traffic is the number of visits to online store websites, news portals, forums, or others. You can measure it from visits called sessions, which is a common way to measure the effectiveness of an online business in attracting an audience.

Then where does the traffic come from? This question is often asked by those who want to find out the right way to check website traffic and why traffic is important. Generally, website traffic can come from a variety of sources, including:

  • Content marketing
  • Search engine or search engine
  • Facebook Group
  • Online Activities
  • Pinterest
  • Forum
  • Become a guest writer

Why Website Traffic Is Important

Why website traffic is important is something that many people want to know. Having a website is not enough because you have to take measurements to ensure whether the target has been achieved or not. Therefore you also have to check website traffic.

A good marketing strategy is to find out the website traffic of a business. Traffic is important for many reasons. The more people see your website, the more potential customers you can get.

The number of website visitors is the number of opportunities your business gets to make an impression, get leads, share your brand, and build relationships. By building good relationships and trust, you have the opportunity to sell products or services and get new clients or customers that will have an impact on business growth.

More traffic is not only about money. In fact, more traffic will be able to build and grow a business. In addition, you can also open more shops in various locations.

Benefits of Checking Website Traffic

Now you and other website owners can use various tools such as Google Analytics that can help check website traffic. Then, what are the benefits of checking website traffic?

The main benefit of doing a website activity analysis is to get support in making every decision. The data you get will be very useful for marketing purposes. By tracking website traffic and sales results, you can calculate returns and costs more accurately on an advertising campaign.

With analytical tools, you can see the level of interest in the content presented. In addition, you can also get accurate information about blog visitors and then allow you to determine a target group, people who are really interested in the products or services you offer.

From these tools, you can get various information such as age, location, or the device that people use to visit your website. Some of the advantages of checking website traffic are as follows.

  • Can find out the target group in more detail
  • Understand the habits of website visitors
  • Actual customer activity assessment
  • Make forecasts based on trends and patterns of visitors or users
  • Control spending on advertising campaigns
  • Higher conversion rates and ROI

Tools to Check Website Traffic

With all the information about website traffic, another question that definitely arises in the minds of many people is how to check website traffic. Not much different from them, you may also have the same question.

To check, you can take advantage of the various tools available. Have you ever thought about that? The closest people who have already entered the online business may recommend certain tools that will be very helpful in checking traffic.

Actually, you can also check the website traffic of competitors so you know the extent of activity on their websites. So you can also look for other strategies to attract more potential buyers or clients.

Checking traffic lets you see how well your website is performing. In addition, you can also compare it with competitors’ websites. You can use free or paid tools that you can use easily.

Each tool has unique features and offers its own advantages. Here is a list of tools that you can use whenever you want to analyze or check traffic on the website you are running.


SEMrush is a marketing solution for online businesses. This one platform offers a powerful set of tools for various purposes from backlink analysis, content planning, to SEO audits.

One of the tools you can use from SEMrush is a solution for analyzing traffic which you can also use to check traffic from competitor websites. You can choose a free or paid version that can be adjusted to your needs.

Unfortunately, the free version provides a limit on viewing the report each day. Where you can only see a maximum of 10 traffic overviews per day. However, you can see some important metrics including number of visits, pages per visit, average duration of visits, etc.


This one platform can be the right choice for those of you who want to get information about traffic or website traffic. This is because SimilarWeb is a website traffic checker that will give you an overview of your business competitors’ traffic as well as very valuable channels.

It not only provides traffic from search, but also a detailed report of the overall website traffic strategy. When using this tool, you will get a breakdown of the overall traffic.

Some of the engagement metrics that you can get are the number of pages viewed per visit, the average length of visits, and the top traffic sources for the website.


Alexa is here as an SEO and competitive analysis solution that will help businesses better understand their target audience. Also helps in planning the marketing strategy to be used next. Anyone can use the website checker even without having an account.

You can get valuable insights related to website performance. The useful reports that you can see are:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword opportunity
  • Traffic statistics
  • Audience insights

Google Search Console

Who doesn’t know Google? Google does have popularity, but that doesn’t mean its users know what Google’s products are. If you want to check website traffic, you can use Google Search Console, a free tool from Google that allows you to analyze search engine traffic.

You will get a complete picture of how your website is seen by search engines or search engines. This tool will display the number of impressions, clicks, CTR (Click-Through Rate), and the average position of keywords on your website on search engines. That way you can increase your website traffic.


Have you ever heard of this tool before? Just like any other tool, Ubersuggest offers a lot of useful website traffic data. To be able to use more features and open access, you can choose the premium version.

However, if you just want to try, you can choose this one tool in the free version. Even if you’ve never done a traffic analysis before, there’s nothing to worry about because you can use this tool easily.

The traffic analyzer feature will give you a breakdown of your competitors’ traffic as well as the keywords that can bring more traffic to their website. In addition, you can also see the most popular web pages.


This one platform may sound foreign to your ears but can help check traffic. Although initially Serpstat was a keyword search tool, but now you can enjoy many features that will be very helpful. You can even use it to check traffic from the websites of business competitors.

However, you must first create an account to be able to use the free version of the tool. After successfully creating an account, start using the search field on the homepage, where you can input the website for your traffic analysis.

The results of your analysis will provide some valuable insights such as keywords, visibility, traffic trends, keyword trends, and top pages.


As one of the most popular SEO tools, you can rely on Ahrefs. Many brands use this tool including Facebook and Netflix. This tool will help you see how much traffic your competitors are getting and why they are ranking so high.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, you can easily use Ahrefs without the need for special skills. All you need to do is enter the website URL in the search field and the tool will provide the website information you expect.


For those of you who want to analyze website traffic yourself, the only tool you can use is Google Analytics. However, setting up these tools and analyzing your own website is a bit tricky.

Instead, you can use MonsterInsights which is known as the best Google Analytics plugin. You can install these plugins in WordPress. There are more than 3 million websites that use this tool including Microsoft and Yelp.

With this tool, you can easily set up Google Analytics in WordPress. As a result, you can see website traffic data directly in the WordPress dashboard.


That’s the information about checking website traffic in this discussion. After knowing the importance of checking traffic both on your own website or on a competitor’s website, you can immediately find the right tools that will be very helpful.

Hosting is one of the things you should consider at the beginning of creating a website so that the website can run well. Before creating a website and looking for the right way to analyze website traffic, make sure you choose Web Hosting from a trusted provider in Indonesia.

Hopefully the information you share is useful, especially for those of you who are looking for ways to collect website visitor information and data and how to increase website traffic.

You Can Sneak Away and Can Have Fun with Stunning Models in Karachi

Most of cooking is preparation, and along with knives, chopping boards are among the most used items in the kitchen. With so many choices out there at so many price ranges, you could be forgiven for being confused when it comes to the right choice. The right choice for your kitchen should be a combination of factors.

Starting out

When you set up your kitchen, try a set of plastic boards and two wooden boards in different sizes. Try using both, see what you prefer and expand your collection from there. Joseph Joseph have taken the guesswork out of choosing plastic boards, with the Index range. Colour-coded and pictorially indexed, there are four boards per set, accommodating four foodstuffs (meat, fish, veg, and cooked food). Excellent.

What not to do

It’s so tempting to get things that look great, without thinking too much about the consequences. Best chopping board wood have long been touted as attractive and germ-free, but they are the worst board you could use in terms of knife blade care. In the best case scenario, glass dents and dulls blades, in the worst, the chopping motion can shatter the glass, leaving shards of broken glass in the food.

Not ideal. Steel is also touted as hygienic and long-lasting, but shares the same characteristics as glass in terms of damaging knives. In short, if you value your knives, a softer board is much healthier for them.

What to think of when buying boards

Some cooks like to have clean counters, with everything put away while others like the look of a big chopping block out on the counter at all times. There is a board for everyone, and finding the right one is just a matter of working out what is important to you in the kitchen – style, longevity of your knives, or price. Best case scenario? A happy compromise of all three.

Whether you like them neat and put away or larger and more permanent, think of stability when buying your boards. Sliding around the counter is not a good look, and can result in cutting fingers. You can ensure stability in a few ways. A big, sturdy block should be hefty enough to stay put, and a plastic board with silicone feet is sure to stay where you put it.

If you have neither of those things, and have opted for a smaller, non-footed board, investigate Chobs from Dreamfarm. These silicone feet clip to boards of all sizes, simultaneously raising them off the counter (so you can use either side for food prep – effectively two boards in one), and creating a non-slip secure grip on the counter.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a wooden board, there are still so many to choose from. Go for a hardwood board – it will last longer, and inhibit bacterial growth, and although they cost more than soft pine boards, they are much more long-wearing in the long run. The investment is worth it.

End-grain boards are so called because they are cut across the grain of the wood that has been compressed together. The end-grain is supposed to be better at self-healing, as the blade goes between the fibres which close back up afterwards. End-grain boards are more difficult to make, and are thus more expensive, but are very long-lasting, which justifies the investment.

Edge-grain boards are the more common type, cut along the grain of the wood. Most cheaper wooden boards are edge-grain, which is by no means a bad thing. Wood is more self-healing than, for example, plastic boards. It is, however, advisable to buy edge-grain boards in hardwoods, to minimise the possibility of bacteria getting caught in the cuts, and the wood softening from water retention over time.

Bamboo, which is actually a grass, is a popular choice of material for wooden boards. It’s purported to have antibacterial qualities, and is very hard when compressed into boards.

Taking care of your boards

Now that you’ve decided on your boards, you need to care for them. Most hard plastic boards can be put in the dishwasher, and the hot water will help to cleanse bacteria from the cuts. Wooden boards of any grain, however, will need to be washed with hot, soapy water and a brush, and left to air dry. A spritz with white vinegar will help sanitise them even further, and oiling the wood will help the board to repel water and bacteria alike. While you can use food oils, like olive or canola oils, it’s not advised, as the old oil will start to smell after a while, and eventually go rancid. It is better to use a food-grade mineral oil to seal the board from water, bacteria, and other harmful substances. This will significantly increase the lifetime of the board.